Vests and Jackets

Handmade One-of-a-Kind Vests and Jackets made from Interesting Fabrics. From Special Occasion Jackets and Vests to wear over basic black to vests to keep you warm and cozy at home.


This years "live" holiday events will be at the Norwich VT Pods for the Pulpit Craft Show and at the Lebanon NH Arts and Crafts Association. Details are provided under "Events"


Pierrette Chabot

Pierrette Chabot

I create jackets and vests to combine my love of design, color, texture, comfort, fit and enduring style. I offer some coordinated outfits, jumpers and skirts because people like them and ask for them, and to allow customers to create outfits.

My male customers have lobbied for men's vests too, so I've added them.

My women customers are looking for special occasion jackets - they love to have something very special to wear over comfortable but elegant basic black - slacks with a turtleneck or camisole.

Orford is just a stone's throw from Dartmouth College, so even though we're rural, we are in touch with all the latest fashion tastes as well as the classics. We wear a lot of vests around here - to layer, to dress things up, to create outfits, and because as Mark Twain said "If you don't like the weather here in New England, just wait ten minutes."

I teach sewing because there are lots of people like me, who love color, texture, shape, drape and find fulfillment in creating garments that match their tastes and figures perfectly.